2181recovered Coronavirus Patients in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is reporting that 2181 COVID-19 patients have successfully recovered from the virus. This is great news for all people in the UAE and comes as the global number of active Coronavirus cases nears the 2,000,000 mark.

UAE fights back against Coronavirus pandemic

The fight against Coronavirus is not yet over, not over yet the UAE is showing exceptional strategic thinking in dealing with the viral outbreak.

Testing facilities help identify Coronavirus cases quicker

Authorities made testing for Coronavirus a huge priority very early on in the outbreak. Drive through testing centers are in operation throughout the nation. One of the largest Coronavirus testing laboratories in the world is processing the results. Thanks to testing, it is possible to identify cases far more quickly. This allows the infected patients to self-isolate or go for treatment at a medical facility.

People must wear masks at all times, it is mandatory to wear a mask when leaving home. The wearing of gloves is currently optional.

Authorities have put in place plans to ease quarantine precautions, However, the quarantine is still in place. In addition, citizens and residents can only leave their homes for a maximum period of four hours at a time.

Businesses must observe new precautions

As plans to reopen businesses such as restaurants and malls go into place, new precautions have come in. These businesses must allow a regular maximum capacity of social distancing is still in effect and customers must remain 3 meters apart at all times.

Flights will remain on the ground

While repatriation flights return citizens of foreign nations to their homes every day, other flights will remain suspended. Currently, air travel is a key infection vector in the spread of Coronavirus.

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