63 Government Entities Complete e-linking Process with FEDnet

Sixty-three government departments in the United Arabs Emirates completed their e-linking processes along with the UAE Electronic Federal Network or FEDnet. The process was developed three years ago by The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for providing high speed connectivity and integration between the different systems of e-government of government departments in the UAE.

The e-linking process will enable all the federal institutions to develop and enhance their efficiency and also reduce costs at the same time. In addition to that, it would also contribute to a smooth and fast transition to a smart government. The list of new entrants includes 56 federal government organizations with seven local government organizations.

UAE Electronic Federal Network offers information technology services in a secure and collaborative environment for meeting the needs of the public more efficiently. This project is also part of the government initiative of the UAE for making all the necessary requirements to facilitate all government services to be used through the internet and mobile platforms.

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