8 challenging Reasons of why UAE is best in investment

In this comprehensive world, there are a sufficiently of opportunities to participate in the growth of a country by investing in it. Investment chance is UAE. You too can be a part of this fast-growing economy, just by investing in the country’s markets.

With the World Expo 2020 scheduled to be hosted in Dubai, 25 million people are expected to come to the UAE creating around 300,000 new jobs. The economy and market of Dubai is guaranteed to experience a huge flow during that period.

There are many reasons why national and international investor looking to invest in UAE, below are some good examples and initiative to why UAE is perfect for investment.

  1. Increasing tourism, means growing economy

Considering the total contribution of travel and tourism to the GDP — investment, income generation and induced spending — the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) report said in the run up to the Expo, Dubai alone is expecting around 20 million tourists a year, which is 8 million more visitors than now. The number for the UAE would start to about 40 million tourists a year by 2024.

  1. Government acknowledgement of growth

The government has moved up pressure on the developers with regards to completion of promised ventures.  Real estate stockholders don’t consume to be Emirate citizens to invest in free zones through the kingdom.

Many outsiders have invested in housing units in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have leased the premises out.

  1. Freedom from tax

Investing in UAE real estate is completely tax-free. Whether you are buying a marketing unit, office area or even a housing villa or apartment, no tax is imposed upon you irrespective of your nationality.

  1. Growing Economy

Whenever an investor wants to invest in a foreign land, one of the important factors they take into consideration is the growth of the economy of that country. Now, the exciting thing about Dubai is that all the numbers and figures indicate that Dubai will have a non-stop economic boost for the next few years.

  1. Safety and Security

UAE is one of the safest country in the world with a low crime rate and an efficient legal system. A good investor always makes sure that the city in which his/her property is located is safe, and the UAE is not only the safest country in the MENA region but in fact, safest in the world.

  1. Simplicity of Doing Business

UAE scored 5th rank globally and 1st rank regionally. The UAE scored inspiring ranks in the following keys:

  • Receiving electricity – 1st rank
  • Paying taxes – 2nd rank
  • Dealing with building permits- 5th rank
  • Registering property – 7th rank
  • Imposing of contracts – 9th rank
  • Protecting minority stockholders – 15th rank
  1. UAE have Ministry of Happiness

UAE have a department for happiness. Dubai aims to be one of the happiest cities in the world. The ministry’s vision is to have happiness and positivity as a lifestyle and a higher determination for government work in the country.

  1. Political Stability

Due to its visionary leadership that works towards development in economic, social, cultural, environmental, and political domains, UAE remain politically stable. Since its formation in 1971, the UAE has been a successful legitimate kingdom and continues to be so. This is because of the belief system of the UAE’s Founding Fathers in peace and justice and the sustained belief of the current political system and government in the same.

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