Abu Dhabi today’s new rules for COVID-19 swab exam

New regulations came into effect Thursday forcing commuters entering Abu Dhabi to take a COVID-19 swab exam.

From August 27, drivers and passengers will only be allowed to travel across Dubai’s border if they can supply evidence of a recent negative PCR check.

The step is part of intensified steps to curtailCOVID-19 swab exam’s expansion, having risen by 10 per cent since the beginning of the month after the authorities reported active cases.

Abu Dhabi is the first for COVID-19 swab exam

The city first implemented a border screening scheme in late June, following a rapid decrease in the number of cases and emirate hospitalizations.

Initially, only PCR COVID-19 swab exam results were approved, but in early July officials also started allowing people to join with results from a cheaper laser interferometry diffractive phase (DPI) test, which cost only Dh50.

Theoretically, citizens may only use laser scans to reach the capital, if they make an appointment to do them.

But now, that has changed.

People who enter Abu Dhabi from the border with Dubai will no longer be allowed to reach the emirate using the laser check alone.

Drivers will also perform a DPI laser test near Ghantoot. But only if they are able to show an obtained PCR test result within the past six days.

COVID-19 swab exam program

The program indicates that at the start of the week, commuters will take a PCR COVID-19 swab exam check. Then ‘refresh’ it at the screening centre in Ghantoot days later.

But, within six days, the same form of test can not be performed twice in a row.

But commuters wishing to book a laser blood test at Ghantoot to cross the Abu Dhabi border are reportedly facing more than two weeks’ waiting.

Both slots at the border facility are complete until mid-September. With the first rendezvous open at 3 am on September 14-15.

New rules for COVID-19 swab exam Handling coronavirus

Recently, the number of facilities in the UAE providing the laser test has been extended. This is to reduce the strain from the Ghantoot centre handling over 6,000 samples a day.

The PCR procedure is known as the “gold standard” for diagnosis of COVID-19. It operates by taking a sample from the throat or nose. The sample is off in the laboratory to identify the genetic material of the virus. At around Dh370, the COVID-19 swab exam check is more laborious and costly.

The laser test involves a drop in blood. That is tested for differences in blood cells under a laser beam of light. A good person’s blood cell is ideally circular but in abnormal cells, it takes on a diffuse appearance. The team behind the tool said that the results proved to be 85 to 90% effective.

Source: thenational
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