Abu Dhabi Department of Energy hosts 24th WEC

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) will host and sponsor the 24th World Energy Congress (WEC), taking place in the UAE capital on September 9, 2019, where it will its energy efficiency initiatives and highlight the investment opportunities the sector presents to local and international investors.

The Department of Energy is also preparing to discuss the long-term developments taking place across the energy sector in Abu Dhabi, for that it will host a discussion panel for local and international energy experts.

The 24th World Energy Congress will attract visitors with its highest standards and latest technology. Visitors will also get an experience where they can explore the present and future of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector along with six phases.

Congress will begin with a glimpse of the restructuring that has reshaped the sector with the current state of energy-focused investments in Abu Dhabi and the opportunities it offers for local and international investment firms.

Visitors will also get introduced with the regulations and policies adopted by the Department of Energy to regulate the sector, before exploring the main infrastructure projects – current and planned – underway across the sector.

There will be another section to exhibit the various scenarios that the Abu Dhabi Integrated Energy Model (the ‘Energy Cube’) deals with, along with another subdivision to introduce the Abu Dhabi Demand-Side Management and Energy Efficiency Strategy 2030 – a collaborative effort bringing together various local entities in the emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy has asserted its confidence in the prominent role that media corporations play in ensuring the success of this international event. With that in mind,

The DoE will also sponsor the media center at the Congress, which is expected the participation of 500 journalists and media professionals.

The Department has also set up Capital Suite 1 as a dedicated pavilion for hosting meetings, discussion panels, and media interviews with official DoE spokespersons.

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