Abu Dhabi government Updated the entering procedures

The media office of the Abu Dhabi government announced that, in response to the needs of the community members, the procedures for entering the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have been updated, allowing the departures to visit the inspection centres in the emirate to perform a COVID-19 examination and highlighting the result within 48 hours of receiving it upon return to the emirate.

Abu Dhabi government measures to resume air traffic

COVID-19 examination duration

Abu Dhabi government stated that in the event that the examination period exceeds 48 hours, the examination must be repeated in any hospital or examination centre of the national survey program outside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to fulfil the requirement to show an updated negative result within 48 hours of receipt before entering the emirate.

The National Authority for Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship clarified in a joint statement that the door of travel will be available to citizens and residents for the destinations that national carriers travel to, and other carriers.

Abu Dhabi government allows travel for citizens and residents

Update the procedures for entering Abu Dhabi

The health protocols in travel will be applied according to the country’s airports under the current conditions, which depends on a number of major axes, such as public health, required checks from destination countries and upon return, as well as quarantine, and self-monitoring of the traveller’s health, in addition To an awareness of precautions.

Travel will be permitted if the result of the examination is negative for the traveller, and obtaining international health insurance with the traveller is valid throughout the travel period, and covers the desired destination.

The people over the age of seventy years should not travel, and advised to avoid travelling to people with chronic diseases; In order to keep them safe.

59% of Abu Dhabi residents are confident that businesses will return to prosperity before the end of 2020

A survey conducted by the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Statistics Center, which included more than 8000 people, confirmed the optimism of the people of the emirate with the return of life after the outbreak of the coronavirus Pandemic, in light of the start of their adaptation to the effects of the pandemic, especially in the field of business and employment.

The survey, which included 8,804 people, 41% of males and 59% of females, aims to support decision-makers in setting policies, overcoming the challenges of the Coronavirus and improving the quality of life for the emirate’s population, as it showed that more than 76% of respondents feel that the effects of COVID-19 It will continue even after the end of the epidemic, while 59% of them are confident that businesses and projects will return to prosperity before the end of this year.

Participants are concerned about the high rate of unemployment, as the poll showed that 73% believed that the unemployment rate would rise on a personal level, but 78% were optimistic about their job security, and 68% believed that their income after COVID-19 will not be affected.

Income loss was ranked lower in the questionnaire, compared to other concerns such as health issues, family fear and the possibility of the virus returning again.

The questionnaire also shows a difference in opinions regarding current business practices, with 69% feeling that remote work will become more popular and widespread after the COVID-19, and 73% prefer to follow the remote work approach, which is based on the desire to reduce health risks caused by the spread of the virus.

Source: khaleejtimes
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