Abu Dhabi’s Culinary Diplomacy Gets Featured in New Book

Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State; Lord Eatwell, President of Queen’s College; and Mansoor Abulhol, the UAE’s Ambassador to the UK, recently attended a dinner party that was held at Cambridge University, in order to observe the launch of the book, “Table Tales: The Global Nomad Cuisine of Abu Dhabi”, by Hanan Sayed Worrell.

The culinary diplomacy dinner was based on the recipes presented in the book which observes the cultural diversity of Abu Dhabi.

Table Tales is a newly released volume from publisher Rizzoli which promotes a series of profiles of distinct Abu Dhabi residents alongside their favorite recipes. The book is going to connect people via food culture, and the experiences behind being a “global nomad”, notions of home, a belief in the spirit of generosity, an adopt one of the significance of hospitality, and attachment to value of friendship.

The odd selection of recipes in Table Tales demonstrates the diversity of the city of Abu Dhabi and the popularity of the rituals of cooking, eating and enjoying food together.

Nusseibeh during his speech at the event thanked Hanan for allowing the UAE with this exotic culinary diplomacy tool through which the UAE can share the story of its dynamic and distinct community and of the UAE’s commitment to diversity and multiculturalism, with the globe.

The Minister of State even stated that the book embraces the significance of hospitality and kindness, crucial values in UAE’s history and culture which are very much lined up with the UAE’s commitment to the chase of tolerance and peace both at home and abroad.

Today, there are over 200 nationalities living in the UAE. The country’s residents are travelers, and migrants who have consumed many culinary influences from different cuisines throughout their lives.

The author, Hanan Sayed Worrell, is a specialist in international urban and cultural projects.

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