An exclusive meeting and dialogue with Mr. Jorge Daccarett

In light of the continuous dialogues of the UAEVOICE platform with influencers in the UAE and outside the UAE from Arab and Western societies, we had an exclusive meeting and dialogue with Mr. Jorge Daccarett, the Ambassador of Chile to the United Arab Emirates.

An exclusive dialogue with Mr. Jorge Daccarett

His Excellency began by talking about the relations of the State of Chile with the countries of the Middle East, especially the relations of Chile with the Emirates. His Excellency replied that “relations are strong and rooted, as there is a large community in Chile of Arab-Eastern origin, in fact Chile has the largest community of Palestinian origin outside the Arab world, That arrived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and this makes Chileans feel a special closeness to the Arab world.

The relationship with the UAE is a very special relationship as our embassy there is the only embassy we have in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and we opened it in 2009. In addition, we have a commercial office in the Emirate of Dubai, where we are promoting our products at the Gulfood exhibition.

This indicated the closeness of the Chilean community to the Emirati society, as mentioned by Mr. Jorge Daccarett, who reminded the Chilean ambassador.

Then, his Excellency was asked about what he liked in the Emirates specifically, and why he loves the UAE?

He answered, “cultural diversity and tolerance, it represents an ideal mix of Arabs, as it looks to the future and is fully integrated into the” global village.

“On the personal side, I love the very diverse Emirati geography, where I really enjoy going to the Hajar Mountains, trekking in the valleys, and swimming in the Fujairah Sea. From the first time I came in 2008, I saw the development of this country, but my favourite place at the weekend was always the Dibba Al-Hisn, as people loved the simplicity and simplicity of their Emirati values, especially in the inner villages, such as Sweihan or Al Madam. ”

Then he restored his speech on the Chilean expatriates in the Emirates, where he was asked about the number of Chilean citizens living in the Emirates, and he answered that the number of Chilean community members in the Emirates is about 350 people, which is not a small number.

The conclusion of the conversation with Mr. Jorge Daccarett

At the end of the interesting conversation with Mr. Jorge Daccarett, his Excellency was inquired about the most prominent cooperation projects that bring together the UAE in his country, Chile in the coming period?

His Excellency replied, “We can say that we are countries with common tendencies. Recently, the United Arab Emirates made a major donation of medical supplies to fight the emerging Moruna virus, as Chile was one of the most infected countries in the world for every million people.

At the end of the dialogue with Mr. Jorge Daccarett, the UAEVOICE thanked his sovereignty for the generosity of his chest in our dialogue with him, and it was emphasized that the UAE and Chile are two countries that cannot end but will develop more and more in the future.

Relations and aid between the UAE and Chile

Emphasizing the authenticity of the relations between the two countries, where on June 12, the UAE sent medical aid to Chile to support it in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus, and the UAE sent about 9 tons of medical supplies in a dedicated aid plane to it.

The aid went to Chile for the benefit of more than 9000 medical personnel from Chile, to enhance their efforts in the face of the emerging Coronavirus in the country there.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile, Mr Theodore Ribera, was very grateful for what the UAE has provided for its country in helping it to enhance their efforts to combat the Coronavirus in their country.

He received the aid plane provided by the Emirates.

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