Bridges of Hope to Support People of Determination

ZHO, launched the initiative called “Bridges of Hope to Support People of Determination”, by Zayed Higher Association for People of Determination, in cooperation with the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, People who are determinate and within the Syrian refugee families, in Mrajeeb Camp in Jordan, as part of the ZHO’s efforts to support People of Determination in foreign countries by collaborating with the ERC’S initiatives and projects.

The aim of the programme also to provide psychological support to provide 148 families of Syrian “refugees with determination” guidance to mitigate psychological pressures and stress which will help and provide families with personal information, counselling sessions and many other practical aid.

The Secretary-General of institution, who accompanied the team, stated that the organisation had launched the initiative under the guidance of the wise leadership, as well as the supervision and concern of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Emirates Red Crescent work and efforts was appreciated, and to all the employees there for their genuine and fruitful cooperation with the ZHO. He also sent appreciation to Abdullah Al Nahyan, as well as the UAE Embassy in Jordan for supporting this initiative and collaborating with the ZHO. In the end thanked everyone who attended specially the families at the camp for joining the event.

As part of the delegation’s visit to the Kingdom of Jordan to implement the initiative admired the mission’s efforts and the pleasing humanitarian initiative for the People of Determination.

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