Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Hospital free from corona patients

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Hospital, Health Point and the Imperial College London Diabetes Center have announced that they are free of COVID-19 patients and the resumption of their facilities to provide patient healthcare services on a regular basis while adhering to the highest levels of patient health and safety. Mubadala Healthcare facilities revealed that it will resume providing its services to patients in whole or in part in the capital, Abu Dhabi, taking into account the implementation of all precautionary measures and measures aimed at ensuring patient safety as a top priority.

Normal work resumes at Cleveland Clinic, Health Point and Imperial College hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Normal work resumes at Cleveland Clinic, Health Point and Imperial College hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Hassan Jassim Al Nowais, Senior Vice President of Mubadala Healthcare, said: “We are pleased to announce the resumption of a broad spectrum of our medical services and to receive community members again at our world-class facilities, where many of our patients have had appointments, routine tests and elective surgery postponed at the height of a pandemic outbreak the COVID-19, therefore, the resumption of these services has become necessary at this stage not only in terms of strengthening the preventive measures for patients but also in order to ensure higher levels of comfort for them ».

Al Nuwais explained that, since the beginning of the epidemic, Mubadala Healthcare facilities have spent a great deal of time and resources to implement effective preventive measures, and as a result, we have been able to provide patients with a wider range of services while providing the highest levels of comfort.

All the institutes of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi have fully resumed the provision of various regular health care services, while Health Point Hospital is working on scheduling optional surgeries and providing outpatient services, and the Imperial College London Diabetes Center has started to receive more patients to provide them with the necessary medical consultations face to face Face-to-face and promptly present blood-check-ups “phlebotomy services”.

Besides adhering to best practices for personal protective equipment and applying the highest international standards for sterilization, the three health care centers have taken preventive measures and strict precautions in all their facilities with the resumption of work.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi hospital

Located on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides a range of urgent and critical health care services, specifically designed to meet a variety of unique and complex healthcare needs of Abu Dhabi residents.

In line with Economic Vision 2030, Mubadala Healthcare signed an agreement with the United States-based Cleveland Clinic to bring Cleveland Clinic to Abu Dhabi with the aim of developing and flourishing the health care sector in the country.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi hospital possibilities

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi hospital includes six centres of excellence within the medical specialities: cardiovascular, nerves, diseases of the digestive system, eyes, respiratory system, and critical care. It also includes clinics and medical departments covering both subtle surgical specialities, subspecialty specialities, emergency medicine, anaesthesia, pathology, laboratory medicine, radiography, quality and patient safety. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi offers a total of more than 40 medical and surgical specialities.

The facilities at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi include the best and latest amenities for patients and their companions. The hospital accommodates 364 beds, expandable to 490 beds, with five medical floors, three levels of diagnosis and treatment, and 13 floors of multiple departments. The hospital is managed by internationally recognized doctors, certified by the North American Board or its equivalent, and they are professionally accredited by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.

Source: khaleejtimes
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