Colombia received UAE aid plane to support it against Corona

Today, Monday, the UAE aid plane containing 8 tons of medical supplies sent to Colombia, to support it in limiting the spread of the new Coronavirus, which will benefit more than 8,000 health care workers, to enhance their efforts to contain the spread of the epidemic; This is a continuation of the United Arab Emirate’s efforts to strengthen the capabilities of the health sector in various countries of the world to overcome the “COVID-19” crisis.

UAE aid plane sends to Colombia for the second time

UAE aid plane
UAE aid plane sends to Colombia for the second time

Salem Rashid Al Owais, UAE Ambassador to Colombia, said, in a statement reported by the Emirati News Agency “UAEVOICE“, that the United Arab Emirates is keen in light of its cooperation and solidarity policy to develop and develop its relations with many countries of the world, and that despite the distance between the two countries, the bilateral relations witnessed A remarkable development in all aspects, and the dispatch of medical aid today comes to confirm the strength of relations.

He added that the United Arab Emirates always stands by the friendly countries and always lends them a hand, especially in these circumstances that the world is witnessing in the face of the pandemic of the Coronavirus, and the state hopes that the medical assistance will contribute to strengthening the capabilities of the medical and nursing staff and provide more protection for them.

UAE aid plane sends to Colombia for the first time

The UAE aid plane of 10 tons of medical supplies sent to Colombia in April to help reduce the spread of the “COVID-19” virus, which benefited more than 10,000 health care workers and 63 Colombian citizens were evacuated from the United Arab Emirates.

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UAE humanitarian and relief aid changed peoples’ conditions for the better

It is worth noting that the UAE aid plane of more than 923 tons of aid to date sent to more than 65 countries, of which 923 thousand health workers have benefited.

Coronavirus statistics in Colombia

Total injuries 53,063 injuries,
The total number of deaths is 1,726 cases.
The total recovery cases 19,952 cases.

Coronavirus statistics in the United Arab Emirates

The official spokesman for the United Arab Emirates government announced that 27 thousand tests were conducted, which contributed to the detection of 342 new cases of Coronavirus emerging “COVID-19”, bringing the total number of infections to 42,636 cases, in addition to recording two deaths.

He explained during a briefing on Corona’s developments, that 667 cases of cure from the virus were recorded, bringing the total cures to 28,129 cases.

The death toll from the newly infected Coronavirus “COVID-19” exceeded the barrier of 8 million cases, while more than 436 thousand deaths were recorded, and recovery cases approached 4.2 million cases.

The new Coronavirus continues to spread in various countries of the world since its appearance late last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan, from which it was transferred to various countries of the world.

Source: WAM
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