Sheikh Mohammed’s new campaign called Design Your Life

UAE calling resident in Dubai for their opinion and idea on how to improve the life of the Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President of the UAE created new campaign also.

Highness Sheikh Mohammed was looking for a people idea to progress Dubai life, and on how they feel the Dubai Council could improve quality of life in Dubai.

Motivate Publishing Sheikh Mohammed’s chaired a meeting of the Dubai Council yesterday (Tuesday, February 5, 2020) and his end decision was to allocate Dhs500 million towards improving neighbourhoods based on demand, so this was not planned by authorities.

With Highness Sheikh Mohammed popularity on Social Media and regular update on government policy, he also tweeted on the matter, which read: “Today, I chaired the third meeting of the Dubai Council and our first decisions were to allocate 500 million dirhams to improve life in Dubai’s citizens “neighbourhoods based on what they want and not based on what government departments are planning for them”.

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