Doctors talk about their pride in receiving their visas for 10 years

Doctor’s words do not describe the happiness they feel when they obtained a golden residence for the next ten years. As their efforts paid off during the global crisis. In recognition of their efforts in caring for them in high care. 10-year visas granted to 212 doctors who risked their lives treating coronavirus patients in the UAE. An appreciation award from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced last week.

Suspense and gratitude across the medical community

Doctors talk about their pride in receiving their golden visas

  1. Their happiness goes beyond words, their heart is filled with pride that their hard work, dedication and efforts have been recognized.
  2. This visa will help them set aside more time to serve the profession
  3. The UAE has been courageous to acknowledge the work of healthcare professionals. ” He said.
  4. The Dubai Health Authority has provided them with excellent equipment, and trained them to develop guidelines and protocols so that they are able to put our concerns aside and focus on working on hand.
  5. Dubai has become their second home for the past ten years, and now with this 10-year visa, it will be their home for the coming years.

A warning message to ensure the safety of the UAE society

Doctors around the world are warning people not to stay indoors and exercise social spacing as one of the simple basic measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The message is part of the precautionary and preventive measures that governments around the world are adopting to reduce the spread of coronavirus and maintain the health and safety of the public.

Video: Coronavirus doctors speak of pride after getting 10-year UAE visas


Coronavirus healing cases in the UAE increased to 8512

Today, the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced:

More than 40,000 new tests for the emerging coronavirus carried out on different groups in society. In addition, they are using the best and latest medical examination techniques.

The intensification of the investigation and examination procedures and the expansion of examinations at the level of the UAE.

It also contributed to the detection of 731 new cases of new Coronavirus of different nationalities.

All of which are stable cases and are subject to the necessary health care.

The total number of registered cases is 23,358 cases.

Source: gulfnews
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