Dubai Chamber is developing a platform to overcome Coronacrisis

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the creation of an innovative new information platform on its website to monitor developments and impacts of the emergence of the emerging Coronavirus in the economy and business sector in the Emirate of Dubai.

The platform aims to help companies and institutions in Dubai to overcome the current crisis and overcome the economic consequences of the spread of the Coronavirus.
The page includes news and economic and educational resources related to the current challenges and ways to face them, in addition to containing short promotional videos on various topics related to the business sector.

The General Director of the Dubai Chamber, Hamad Bouamim, said that the platform that was created will contribute to directing the private sector towards making informed practical decisions based on reliable data, and will also help private sector companies to overcome these challenges and enhance their competitiveness.

He explained that the platform includes interactive questionnaires with readers about the economy, the effects of the current crisis on their work, and proposals to confront it.

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