Positive Signals of Dubai Economic Recovery and Progress

For Dubai economic recovery, The Dubai government employees return to their offices and workplaces starting from today with a full capacity of 100% after all, bodies and departments have taken all the measures approved by the Return to Work Protocol issued about two weeks ago by the Dubai Government’s Human Resources Department. The employees return with the slogan of complete readiness to complete the accomplishments while committing to the utmost precautionary measures according to the highest standards that take into account their safety, as well as the safety, comfort, and happiness of the customers.

Dubai economic recovery

Local government officials stressed that Dubai economic recovery is stepping forward with confidence and determination towards overcoming the repercussions of the pandemic thanks to the vision of rational leadership that established the ability of the local community and the national economy to competently face challenges and pave the way towards a gradual return to recover and return to the path of recovery and enable the national economy its global position.

They pointed out that the various joints of life in Dubai economic recovery are full of positivity and optimism, with everyone looking forward with the return of work today by 100% to accelerate the wheel of national economic rotation and stimulate the movement of all markets and sectors, where everyone aspires to turn the page of the pandemic and start a new page of recovery and recovery based on strong foundations Integrated competitive components.

Dubai economic recovery shows a promising start

The full return of the Dubai government employees to their workplace marks a promising start towards the recovery phase of the current crisis, stressing the importance of everyone showing a positive spirit in these times.

The department’s resumption of work by 100% this morning in conjunction with the return of all government agencies in the emirate to work at full capacity from workplaces, in order to guarantee Dubai economic recovery, which comes after all the measures approved by the Return to Work Protocol issued about two weeks ago by the Human Resources Department of the Dubai government are taken, according to the leadership’s directions Rational.

The efforts made by the Dubai government in the framework of combating the Corona pandemic, which contributed to surpassing the most difficult stage and progressing steadily towards the stage of recovery from the crisis, and the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department and the emergency team in the department, for the efforts made to ensure the full return of employees to the workplace In accordance with the established safety and security procedures, while stressing that the health of employees and their families is a top priority for the department.

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