Dubai expo reveals AI robot camera

The main elements of this Robots is to detect suspicious behaviour, nervous expressions and threatening body language, apart from recognising faces even in disguise.

Machine logic

It is kind like old time, camera recognising faces was based on simpler works, like measuring the geometry of the face, the angles and distances between facial features.

Accordingly, to this machine discovering thousands of points on the face are mapped and matched with potential suspects or persons of interest, even if they are wearing a partial mask, sunglasses, grown a different type of beard or made other changes to their appearance.

Eye for observation

It provides facial recognition tech embedded in sunglasses.   By this logic, law enforcement agents, uniformed or undercover, can wear the glasses and simply look at people – if a match is found, it appears as a superimposed image on the lens, which only the staff can see.

Suspicious behaviour

Analysing and detecting body language, such as a suspect holding a gun or loitering in a sensitive area, said Ijaz Anwer, General Manager, Axon, a provider of integrated security systems. Alert can be sent away if it observes suspicious movements, gestures or activities. A lot of countries have started using it in the development stage.

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