Dubai Future Foundation

The Dubai Future Foundation was launched with the aim of playing a pivotal role in anticipating the future in the Emirate of Dubai, in line with the launch of the Dubai Future Agenda, to be a road map to guide the Foundation in anticipating the future of strategic sectors in the medium and long term, in cooperation with many authorities and institutions in the public and private sectors.

Dubai Future Foundation

Dubai Foundation’s initiatives for the future

The Foundation’s goals, it has launched several initiatives that will advance Dubai technology in the public and private sectors. It will address some of these initiatives and the goal of each of them.

In Times of the Global Health Crisis

Dubai Future Foundation is trying to outline life after Coved-19

It intensified its efforts in response to the crisis of the global outbreak of the emerging Coronavirus, by promoting research aimed at the benefit of society. Dubai Future Research, the Foundation’s research arm, issued a series of reports titled “Life After COVID-19”. It focuses on the most important areas of people’s lives. It allows them to explore potential opportunities and identify short and long-term impacts.

Figures indicate that the number of new cases of coronavirus in nearly three months has risen to more than a million infections worldwide, and as the epidemic continues. The UAE government has put in place a series of measures designed to contain the virus and limit its spread.

As part of its commitment to support the efforts of the United Arab Emirates to combat Covid-19, Dubai Future Foundation decided to issue reports on the analysis of the defect caused by the virus and provide insights into the future of key sectors, including labor, education, and trade. To this end, the Foundation seeks to ensure that institutions, government employees and members of society. In general access to this important resource in order to foresee the future, go ahead and interact with it proactively.

UAE global assistance in corona crisis

The Covid-19 crisis presents an opportunity for governments in the Arab world and throughout the world as a whole. In order to bring about a fundamental transformation and accelerate efforts in order to provide appropriate systems, regulations, directives and platforms to adapt to the expected changes. In addition to helping the UAE government through a number of suggestions and ways to implement some regulations and policies. The reports also provide short and long-term solutions adopted by public and private sector institutions in Dubai and the world.

The series of the research reports will continue to appear regularly until the Covid-19 epidemic breaks down. These visions will be accompanied by the establishment of the Dubai Future Foundation to create platforms. It facilitates online discussions to provide more insights and opportunities to interact with experts. For more information about the Dubai Future Center and the “Life After Coved-19” reports series, we invite you to visit the Foundation’s website:

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