Dubai Health Authority honoured 929 employees

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) held a special award service to thank long-term employees and retiring employees.

The event honoured 929 employees who accomplished 10 to 25 years of service at the DHA, the authority said in a press release.

Humaid Al Qutami, director general of DHA said: “I congratulate all long-serving employees and thank them for their loyalty, devotion and hard-work.

“Employees are the backbone of any organisation and we are proud and thankful to our employees. In line with the vision of our leaders, we aim to continue to work together to provide worldwide levels of high-quality care to our patients and serve the healthcare needs of our community.”

Al Qutami added that the long- service award ceremony expresses DHA’s gratitude to employees and how much they are valued in the organisation.

Beena Reji Joseph, an Indian expatriate who works as a nurse at Dubai Hospital and has completed 26 years of service at the DHA said: “I joined DHA in August 1993. I feel so proud to have worked at Dubai Hospital, because of the great management, colleagues and atmosphere.

Dubai Hospital feels like a second home and I am humbled to be a part of this noble organisation, I’ve had an extremely gratifying experience and journey that spans over two decades. I would like to thank the DHA for nurturing my career and helping me achieve my aspirations.”


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