Dubai to reopen smoking, shisha service areas

With improved precautionary steps such as continuous ventilation and mandatory helmets, facilities serving shisha in Dubai are all set to re-open on July 18, Dubai Municipality (DM) reported.

Dubai reopens

On Friday, the authority declared on its social media accounts that “Dubai Municipality has taken precautionary steps to reopen smoking areas and shisha service centres as per the highest international preventive measures, beginning on July 18 until further notice. Daily checks will be out to ensure compliance.”

The UAE had ordered cafés and food outlets earlier in March to avoid selling shisha to curtail Covid-19 ‘s expansion.

On July 17, the Health and Safety Department of the Municipality issued a circular entitled ‘Reopening Precautionary Measures for Reopening Smoking Areas and Shisha Serving Areas,’ a copy of which was seen by Khaleej Times. As per the circular, DM has issued a strict 51-point security measure to ensure safety and prevent coronavirus from spreading.

Dubai New preventive measures

– The staff will still wear masks

– Washing and disinfecting regularly damaged surfaces and general spaces at least once an hour and public items while used (handrails, ramps, lines, lockers, shelves, toilets, etc.).

– If any of the staff has been confirmed positive by an accredited test facility in accordance with the COVID-19 PCR test, they shall not return unless they have been granted a medical certificate (certificate of clearance) endorsed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) stating that they are released from isolation

– Shisha workers must stick to strict daily hand washing before and after service

– All personnel and guests/trainers/visitors must undergo temperature monitoring before entering the facility, nobody with temperatures above 37.5 can enter the facility.

– When a healthy case of illness is identified in tourists or workers with Covid-19 symptoms such as fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius, exhaustion, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea and nausea, vomiting, lack of sense of smell or taste, the DHA hotline number 800342 should be informed.

– The facility shall devote an isolation room and develop protocols for treating suspect Covid-19 / reported cases as well as disinfection protocols in compliance with the DHA / DM guidelines

– Only removable shisha hoses are available

– Clean and disinfect reusable shisha pieces with pliers before and after each customer

– After each client wash and disinfect shisha properly and change its water

– Ensure that 2 m of space is on the preserve in the facility

– Inside the smoking room ensure 4.5 sq.m per person

– No social reunions or parties allowed

– Groups of five cannot smoke

Dubai Tourism is on

In the meantime, After nearly four months of closed borders and grounded planes. Dubai opened its doors to visitors Tuesday, the latest in the desert town’s attempts to restart an economy. Battered by the coronavirus pandemic and deflating oil prices.

One of the first Middle East resorts to revive tourism is the glittering commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates. It is renowned for its high-end hotels, balmy beaches and superlative landmarks. Such as the world’s biggest mall and tallest building. But it comes at a difficult time: air traffic remains at multi-decade lows. Many prospective travellers are afraid to catch the flu. And the notorious summer temperatures in the Gulf area are reaching scorching peaks between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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