Eduardo Ferreyros, commissioner general of Peru for Expo 2020

It is not far to reach finale destination for us to see the wonder of EXPO 2020, for 173 days, the Expo 2020 Dubai World Expo will showcase the main tourist attractions and exports of nearly 200 countries, in addition to proposals from organizations, NGOs and businesses around the world. It is estimated that more than 15 million people will arrive in the UAE city to be part of this colossal event.

The great show of Peruvian pavilion at Expo 2020 was held in November 2019. With slogans of ‘Timeless, Always Peru’, the pavilion rising in the Mobility District of the Expo site, will bring to life the country’s cultural diversity and ancient wisdom that still surprise the world.

It is being a while for Peru they are organising and currently working on the details of the program that we will show during the six months of operation, and they can expect that we will have cultural shows and a space keen to our gastronomy.

In the last couple of years Peru has been recognised for Finest Culinary Destination in the World by the World Travel Awards, and we want those who visit us to enjoy this as well.

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