Election Dates Declared by the NEC for the UAE’s Federal National Council

On Monday, the National Elections Committee (NEC) declared the timeline of the forthcoming fourth Federal National Council (FNC) election cycle. The National Elections Committee (NEC) announced on Monday that on 22nd September, Emiratis would commence voting to pick their next parliamentarians. Overseas voting for the fourth election cycle of the Federal National Council (FNC) would be held on September 22-23. The main election would take place on 5th October and the results of the preliminary count would be declared on the same day.

The timeline declared sketches the steps and processes, which includes the opening of registration for applications at application centers on 7th August. Registration of candidate’s at polling stations would start from 18th August and will continue for five days, and the announcement of the preliminary list of candidates would be made on 25th August.

The National Elections Committee (NEC) will accept complaint against candidates over the next three days, and would reply to these complaints by 1st September.

The final list of candidates would be announced on 3rd September; whereas the names of the candidate representatives should be submitted on 4th September, according to the terms declared the executive ruling.

The candidates would start their election campaigns on 8th September, with the deadline for candidate withdrawal, if any, would be set for September 15th.

Permitting voters to cast their ballot before the official election deadline, early voting is regarded to aid in increase participation and allow voters more flexibility to cast their votes at their convenience, especially those with conditions that avert them from performing their electoral duties.

Request would start on 6th October and continue for two days, with the committee replying to these requests on October 9 to 10. The final list of elected candidates would be announced on October 13, till supplementary elections are held.

Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of State for FNC Affairs and Chairman of NEC, stated that the early announcement of the election timeline sets up a transparent relationship with all parties concerned, especially voters, strengthens their awareness about the electoral process and paves the way for effective participation.

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