Emirates Red Crescent send aids to families of martyrs in Mukalla

A delegation from the Emirates Red Crescent Authority visited a number of the families of martyrs in the Mukalla district in the Hadramout governorate, embodying the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity and standing with the families of the martyrs and contributing to alleviating the burden on them.

Emirates Red Crescent Authority delegation

During the visit, the delegation provided humanitarian aid that included food baskets, school bags and various gifts.

Hamid Rashid Al Shamsi, head of humanitarian aid at the Emirates Red Crescent Authority in Yemen, confirmed that this initiative aims to provide the necessary support to the families of the martyrs.

Emirates Red Crescent inspects the families of martyrs in Mukalla

The families of the martyrs in the Mukalla district of Hadramout governorate expressed their thanks and gratitude for this humanitarian gesture, which comes as a continuation of the UAE’s humanitarian approach in providing the necessary support.

The UAE sends a humanitarian aid ship to the people of the Yemeni west coast in Mokha

UAE humanitarian aid ship docked in the Yemeni port of Mokha carrying tons of foodstuffs provided by the United Arab Emirates to the people of the West Coast, as part of the second phase of aid for the year 2020, which includes the districts of Al-Hawk, Al-Hali, Beit Al-Faqih, Al-Duraimi and Al-Tuhayta in Al-Hudaydah Governorate.

The arrival of this ship comes as an extension of the relief bridge that the United Arab Emirates runs, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, to the western coast of Yemen, as part of its continuous efforts to provide relief to the affected people and the construction of service and development projects that exceeded 200 projects in the fields of health, education, water, electricity, environment and fisheries.

It is expected that this stage will witness the distribution of 300 tons of basic foodstuffs, from which about 42 thousand residents of the targeted areas will benefit, who suffer scarcity of economic resources as a result of the difficult conditions in which they live.

The 1st phase of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority aids

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority had completed the first phase of the aid, from which nearly 44,000 people benefited, by distributing 6,000 food baskets to the needy in the districts of Al-Khawkha, Al-Durahimi and Al-Tuhayta, as well as poor families in the districts of Mawza, Al-Waziya and Al-Mokha in Taiz governorate.

Emirates Red Crescent Authority humanitarian aid

During the year 2018, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority distributed about 185 thousand food baskets in 100 villages from the coast, benefiting one million and 295 thousand people, while in 2019 it distributed more than 192 thousand food baskets that included 140 villages along the western coast from Dhu Bab southwest to Al Hawk district. Northwest coast, benefiting one million and 344 thousand people.

Source: WAM
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