Free legal services available to all doctors at UAE

A law firm in the UAE has stepped in to supply them with free legal advice, in recognition of the contributions of doctors at UAE battling the Covid-19 pandemic on the front lines.

The Bin Suwaidan Advocates and Legal Consultants Company contacted the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to make the offer official and recently signed a cooperation memorandum.

Under the memo, doctors-including legal representation before UAE courts-will be offered all legal services free of charge throughout 2020.

Appreciation for doctors at UAE

The necessity and appropriation to take this action, as it has seen the considerable effort and sacrifice made by the doctors in the battle against Covid-19 in the face of

Employment is one of the most important priorities.

The coronavirus has shone further insight on how much doctors at UAE and drugs we all need.

Now more than ever, health and lives are the priority.

Requests have already been received from doctors since the memo came into effect, he added.

Bin Suwaidan underlined the need to follow suit by other private companies.

Free legal services to all doctors at UAE

“We all must admire doctors. Therefore, our company management has come up with the idea of thanking them. Therefore, we reached out to the DHA for our community work. This is part of many related programs that we provide to other organisations.”

The law firm will represent the doctors at UAE legally for free in lawsuits, contracts, arbitration, consultations, or any other legal disputes, he said. Free prescriptions should be to all other pharmaceutical items.

Doctors spend days and weeks away from their family working tirelessly night and day to save lives.

The pressure they impose at work and in their family relationships is priceless. This is the least that we can offer them, “Bin Suwaidan said.

Other business organizations-in their respective sectors-will take action to reach out to physicians and health-care staff.

Source: khaleejtimes
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