Get Reward for being safe driver in UAE

If you’re a responsible road user, then you could pick up a cash reward over the next few days.

It is hoped this positive approach will have more of an effect on driver behaviour than schemes targeting bad driving. While safe drivers will have a reason to continue their good habits, less safe drivers will be motivated by the potential rewards of changing their ways.

It’s part of a bi-annual road safety initiative that hands out instant prizes to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who are spotted observing the rules.

A total of AED 30,000 will be handed out during the three-day Shell Goldstar contest, which starts on today.  It will hit the roads of Dubai from November 4-5 before moving to Sharjah.

Motorists can also use white points to cancel traffic fines handed out after their clean sheet, provided the offence did not also result in a black point.

Drivers who have accumulated 24 black points from one severe traffic offence will not be allowed to collect any white points for a year.

A team supported by the police and other government authorities will be out on the streets to select responsible road users who are rewarded AED 1,000 and a certificate each.

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