Impose a fine on UAE residents for violating safety rules

A number of people of different nationalities have been arrested from the UAE residents for violating official safety guidelines regarding the Coronavirus.

UAE residents and citizens cooperation

A spokesperson for the Emergency and Crisis Prosecution announced that as part of the state’s efforts to combat Covid-19, to contain its spread, and to ensure that UAE residents and citizens adhere to the instructions issued by the competent authorities, a number of people of different nationalities were arrested in violation of official guidelines

He pointed out that the violations committed include non-compliance with the measures of quarantine facilities, leaving the house during the curfew, non-compliance with quarantine instructions and the violation of compulsory hospitalization, violation of prohibitions and restrictions imposed on gatherings and gatherings in public places, farms and real estate, and non-compliance with quarantine instructions in private institutions.

Fines imposed on UAE residents

Noting that the fines imposed on these violations range from 3000 dirhams to 50 thousand dirhams, depending on the nature of the violation.

The Public Prosecution called on the public to abide by the preventive procedures, laws, regulations, and decisions issued by the governmental authorities

She said, “Violators will be subject to legal procedures.”

The prosecution confirmed that it will take legal measures against all those who do not adhere to measures to limit the spread of coronavirus to protect the health and safety of members of the Emirati community, and support the government’s efforts to contain the health, economic and social impact of the Coronavirus.

International certificates of the efficiency of the UAE in the face of Corona

The UAE has presented a global model in dealing with the emerging coronavirus, until it has become a kiss for many global bodies that are seeking to partner with it to eliminate the pandemic that affected about 7 million people, and caused the death of 400 thousand others around the world.

The UAE’s competence in this regard has been recognized on a global level, expressed through many international classifications and assessments.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the UAE ranked first in the Arab world and the 10th globally in treating people living with HIV.

It also ranked first in the Middle East and among the top 10 countries in the world in the effectiveness of leadership in dealing with the virus.

The UAE is a global model in the face of crises

The UAE offers a model for a rational country that improves dealing with crises in its surroundings and the world, and it has set a unique path in how to deal with the Corona pandemic by harnessing its capabilities and resources in the service of humanitarian issues, which made its flag fail in the sky of humanity with the testimony of all countries of the world

UAE humanitarian work on the regional and international arenas has become an example of effectiveness, efficiency and achievement. The country has provided more than 716 tons of medical aid to 63 countries, and more than 716 thousand health care workers have benefited from them all over the world, as it was provided to the World Health Organization. The US $10 million Covid-19 detection test kits are sufficient to examine 500,000 people, contributing to hospital workers ’efforts to tackle and contain the Corona epidemic around the world.

This reflects the highest levels of attention that the Emirates attach to people wherever they are, regardless of gender, race and religion, as it transcends its humanity, credibility, commitment and initiatives within the limits of geography to achieve leadership in the field of charitable giving and humanitarian relief.

It is evident that the UAE represents the world with a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, where it defied the danger and armed itself with a spirit of responsibility, and stood with the poor and rich countries to confront this pandemic, it constantly records its impressive presence in the theater of events, and provides a certificate of respect and appreciation by preserving the foundations, for which it was established Life is the human spirit.

Source: WAM
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