In a Joint parliaments of Egypt, Saudi, UAE and Bahrain condemning Turkey

The governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain together pronounced on Friday refusal for Turkish intervention in Libya.

The governmental councils of the four Arab nations spoken: “worries regarding the security confronts, foreign interferences and terrorist attacks that face Libya and the neighbouring nations.”

Parliaments decisively discard and criticize the Turkish parliament’s decision for favorable military interference in Libya.

The Governments emphasized its full encouragement for the Arab League’s refusal of any foreign involvement in Libya, as stated in its Tuesday’s crisis meeting at the level of permanent representatives in Cairo.

The declaration repeated its fixed stance of rejecting hostility of any party on any Arab country in addition “the foreign involvement improves the terrorist abilities and delays the peace and political resolution efforts, agitations the regional strength, and pressures the security of the states bordering Libya and generates a humanitarian crisis.”

Also, they called on the international community to take his duties for preventing the foreign involvement in any Arab country and to improve the political resolution for keeping stability and safety of the nations and the people in the area.

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