INTELAK Center enhance Dubai’s leadership in tourism

Emirates Group, Dubai Tourism, Accenture and Microsoft have announced the launch of the INTELAK Center; In order to enhance Dubai’s position in the innovation sector, and to embrace entrepreneurs and startups that have creative ideas in the sectors of tourism, travel and aviation, and aspire to implement those ideas on the ground.

Youssef Lootah, Executive Director of the Tourism Development and Investment Department in “Dubai Tourism” said that the launch of the center is part of many initiatives adopted by “Dubai Tourism”.

INTELAK Center enhance Dubai tourism

The INTELAK Center is the product of previous programs: “INTELAK Incubator”, “INTELAK Laboratory” and “Futurism”, which were merged under one name and one sign to support startups.

The INTELAK Center program consists of leaders in the sectors of tourism, travel, consultancy services and information systems, who work as its main partners: the Emirates Group, which has a proven track record in the aviation sector through Emirates Airlines, as well as travel services through dnata, and Dubai Tourism represents a government Dubai with extensive marketing experience for Dubai as a world leader.

The program also includes “Accenture”, the company working in promoting the emerging companies system and communicating with its customers, and “Microsoft”, the global company with extensive experience in sponsoring and supporting startups, who will supervise this center, and provide appropriate instructions to the participants in the program. With this, the Intilaaq Center becomes the only platform in Dubai devoted to finding innovative solutions for the aviation and tourism sectors.

The INTELAK Center programs

It consists of the INTELAK Idea Lab, a three-week program focused on nurturing young Emirati talent, as part of the Emirates vision to develop and support innovation and entrepreneurship for Emirati startups.

As for the Incubation Incubator, it is a 12-week program for start-up startups, during which advisory support is provided to develop its services commensurate with the needs of local markets, including the provision of financial support to accelerate the access of the services of associates in the program to clients. The program also provides guidance on feasibility studies for the market.

“Launchpad Accelerators” program

It is an eight-week program for advanced startups looking to expand their business, as the program provides comprehensive market advice, with the ability to use the partner system to test and implement its solutions, as well as presenting its ideas to key partners, experts and investors in a way that qualifies them to obtain Partnership and financing opportunities at GITEX 2020, GITEX Future Stars – the largest technology fair in the region.

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