UAE participation in International Maritime Virtual Summit

The United Arab Emirates participates in International Maritime Virtual Summit, underlines the central importance of ensuring continuity of maritime supply chains. Suhail Al Mazrouei, UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said that his country launched a solidarity initiative called “Echoes of Hope” last March to appreciate the efforts of all workers in the first classes who perform their duties during the epidemic.

UAE participation in the virtual International Maritime Virtual Summit

Ports around the world joined together to support the initiative, and several policies, procedures and measures were reviewed, modified and approved to ensure that crew changes are facilitated.

He pointed out that more than 200,000 seafarers are stranded on ships around the world due to the restrictions of travel and closures.

Al-Mazrouei, who chairs the Board of Directors of the Federal Authority for Land and Maritime Transport in the United Arab Emirates, said that the pandemic came as shocking 19 to societies, health systems, economies and governments around the world, affected every sector and imposed social and economic challenges all over the world.

Able to transform marine challenges into investment opportunities

Ports of the World UAE participates in the publication of the “Echoes of Hope” initiative

This came during a hypothetical maritime summit on maritime crew changes during the 19th Coved Epidemic in the presence of Kelly Tolhurst, Member of Parliament, Minister of Aviation, Maritime and Security in Britain.

The UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure appreciated the efforts of the “global health, international labour, international civil aviation and international maritime organizations” during the Corona pandemic in the continuation of maritime shipping and their role by encouraging member states to confront the pandemic.

The United Arab Emirates has adopted a new governmental structure

– It includes the integration of ministries and agencies to invest in artificial intelligence and the digital economy.

– Its infrastructure that would accelerate digital transformation and technological innovations.

– The COVID-19 was a global pandemic challenge, that can be changed into an opportunity that can build a resilient and sustainable future.

In the marine sector, Al Mazroui said, we will have the ability to transform this challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic into a greater opportunity with emerging technology.

The profession of “seafarers” is witnessing a great change from a technological perspective.

It will continue to play a vital role in maritime transport for international trade and to return to the issue raised.

It is true that the pandemic of COVID-19 was not only a public health crisis but a crisis that affected all sectors Including the marine sector.

International Maritime Virtual Summit

Suhail Al Mazrouei said that:

– Exceptional circumstances require exceptional procedures.

– One approach will not be sufficient to ensure changes to the crew of the safe ship.

– The collective approach among all Member States, relevant international organizations, NGOs.

– All stakeholders of the marine community will be the best approach To address this issue effectively.

– Continue work collectively to address all challenges, in particular, crew changes through extensive cooperation and communication.

– Maintaining the work of marine supply chains in the world in order to ensure the delivery of vital goods and supplies.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Authority for Land and Maritime Transport also affirmed the full commitment of the authority to continuing a scientific and practical approach towards facilitating cargo operations and crew changes.

Source: WAM
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