On the International Nursing Day, UAE nurses are honoured

Vital care rendered by health professionals on the front line and the immense challenges they face in the line of duty have never been on the International Nursing Day, as important as they are now when the world is facing a deadly pandemic. The world is honouring doctors and nurses.

And the World Health Organization is calling on the public to shine a light on Tuesday, International Nursing Day, to recognize their service.

Nurses earned it

Nurses working on Covid-19 specialist wards are at greater risk from the virus as they are exposed to an ongoing flow of infections.

Healthcare workers at hospitals worldwide often resume their tasks without sufficient personal protective equipment to keep them safe.

Despite these challenges, their selfless behaviour has saved countless lives and inspired the profession to others.

Shijith Kadankote from India has been nursing for 10 years at Prime Hospital in Garhoud, Dubai, and is facing daily challenges.

Nurses’ Statements

“We know this is a risky situation for us all”. Mr Kadankote, 32, who lives with his wife and 18-month-old son in Dubai said.

International Nurses Day is also to mark the bicentennial of Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing.

Her image will be onto her workplace, London’s St Thomas’s Hospital. From the British Houses of Parliament from 8.30 pm GMT on Tuesday along with a message of thanks to nurses around the world.

They hope that similar tributes will follow.

Egyptian Mervat Mohamed said nursing is more than a career. She is at Bareen International Hospital in Mohammed bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi.

“The pandemic has not changed my perspective throughout my profession.  Particularly having seen the determination and devotion of colleagues to support patients through this challenging period.

“Now more than ever, there is respect, love, and reverence. For the role of nurses and other medical front-liners. Those who also are in the healthcare sector all over the world.”

Source: thenational
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