Life and Achievement of Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi

Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi prospered his cousin Sheikh Saqr Bin Sultan Al Qasimi and took up the leads of government in the Emirate of Sharjah on June 24, 1965 until 1972.

When he presumed power, the people did not show much gratitude and respect for him, as they thought that he would be supporting the British colonists who had helped him to undertake power. However, he succeeded to prove them wrong, thanks to his political judgement and knowledge.

First of all, he concentrated his attention on kick starting the economy of the Emirate. During his rule, Sharjah set off on a route to progress and development. He wanted to provide Sharjah with drinking water and paid off the Emirate’s unsettled debts.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohamed participated a main part in the revitalisation of the Emirate as he concentrated his exertions on construction, Therefore:

  • He established a new power plant and built roads throughout the Emirate that connected Sharjah with other cities and Emirates.
  • He gave commands to construct a huge seaport in Sharjah that was so-called “Seaport Khalid” after him.
  • He built a new airport, which connected the Emirate with the outside world, and built a large hotel near it. That was the first hotel on the Oman Trucial Coast at that time.
  • During his rule, commerce flourished and he opened the door for Arab businesses to invest in the Emirate.
  • Moreover, Sharjah witnessed a major restoration in education, as he built many schools in the city and the remote villages. One of the most important schools is Abdulla Al Salem School, which Kuwait had contributed financially to its establishment.
  • He also founded centres for literacy and gave orders to establish the Education Department to promote education in the Emirate.
  • Advanced social renaissance as cultural clubs and theatres were established. In 1966, Al Orouba Club, which was one of the most important clubs, that established the first theatre in Sharjah where plays dealing with citizens’ social problems were achieved in an instructive style.

H.H. was interested in organizing the local administration. Consequently:

  • He established the Police Force, the Department of Labour and the Social Affairs in 1968.
  • He ordered the establishment of a sports club called the Arabian Gulf Club in 1969.
  • He created the Justice Department. Thus, for the first time, Sharjah possessed an integrated judicial system consisting of courts and judges.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed was involved in the negotiations concerning the Union of the Seven Emirates, and the Emirate of Sharjah took a favourable stance. In this respect, Sheikh Khalid said:

“The federation is a good step, but it is not all what we are after. We seek to achieve a comprehensive and complete unity where all minor entities form a strong unified entity. As much as we welcome the union and seek to establish it, we seek to accomplish a complete unity on the Oman Trucial Coast within the frame of the union and to accomplish a comprehensive Arab unity that extends from our Arabian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean.” 

Sheikh Khalid signed the UAE interim constitution and proclaimed the agreement of Sharjah to the federation of the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971. He passed away on January 24, 1972. His brother H.H. Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi succeeded him.

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