National Standard for Tolerance and Coexistence

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority of UAE (FCSAUAE) launched the National Coexistence Survey on Tuesday, to gauge the characteristics and level of coexistence in society, the first of its kind in the UAE.

In partnership with UAE’s Ministry of Tolerance Office and Dubai Statistics, FCSAUAE aims to measure, compare and analyse data collected about levels of tolerance and coexistence across the UAE.

Minister of Tolerance, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, announced the start of fieldwork for the survey in a video message which he also tweeted.

He said the survey will help calculate and create a “national standard for tolerance and coexistence”.

“To achieve the highest level of tolerance and human kinship, it is necessary for us to collect and analyse data and statistics and undertake studies and research to measure how far we have travelled in this field,” Sheikh Nahyan said.

“We need to create tools to measure and compare information and to use the findings as a base for dialogue about our plans and strategies,” he added.

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