Emirati physicist Ahmed Al Muhairi receives New Horizon international award

Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum congratulated the young Emirati physicist Ahmed Eid Al Muhairi on winning the prestigious New Horizon international award in Physics, thanks to his research on black holes in space.

An Emirati physicist wins the New Horizon international award for 2021

Ahmed Al Muhairi, an Emirati physicist, won the New Horizon 2021 Science Prize for his study of black holes in space for postdoctoral research at Princeton University.

A black hole is known as a place in space characterized by a great force of gravity.

The annual award, known as the “Oscars in Science,” honours the best scientists in the fields of various sciences, physics, mathematics, etc., and its value ranges to about $ 100,000.

Emirati physicist Ahmed Al Muhairi has been crowned the New Horizon international award

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said in a tweet on his official account on “Twitter” today: We congratulate Ibn Al-Emarat physicist Ahmed Al-Muhairi for winning the prestigious New Horizon international award in Physics for his research on space black holes.

The official account of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid published a photo that he collected with the Emirati physicist when he honoured him with the Emirates Pride Medal in January 2019, where he was honoured as the first Emirati to receive an acceptance for postdoctoral studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University in the United States.

The PhD in the field of physics from the University of California, and for the best PhD thesis award at the University of California level in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

New Horizon international award

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation, also called the “Oscar of Science,” announced that Emirati physicist Ahmed Al Muhairi and his team of four scientists won the New Horizon international award for discovering the computation of the quantum information content of the black hole and its radiation.

The New Horizon international award is highly appreciated in the scientific and academic circles around the world and has a wide media resonance, and a group of art stars and celebrities participate in the annual ceremony that is organized every year to award it.

Source: WAM
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