New Landmark Attraction in Dubai to Provide Stunning View of the City

Dubai is all set to get yet another spectacular landmark this year and this landmark is said to provide spectacular views of the city. The Master Developer Nakheel would be setting up another landmark attraction at the recreation and leisure scene of Dubai, that would be offering view at The Palm which is a public observation deck located at a height of 240 meters, above the famous Palm Jumeirah.


The Palm is directly accessible from the Nakheel Mall and it is famous for offering breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline, the Arabian Gulf and The Palm, this also plays a remarkable role in portraying the perfect story behind the creation of the island, responsible for putting the city on the world map.

The View at The Palm is still undergoing construction with most of those nearing completion including the VIP Lounge in the observation deck. It also comprises areas for private events. It is located at the top level, at the 52nd floor of the The Palm Tower and the contract was signed in the last month.

The Managing Director of Nakheel Malls, Omar Khoory said that The View at The Palm would include spectacular views combined with an interactive educational experience giving an insight to the creation of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. He said that the stunning landmark was the only location in Dubai to offer such a unique experience; hence, it would also be working as a magnet for tourists and residents.

Visitors to The View can get their tickets online or by using phone or collect it in person from the location itself at the Nakheel Mall roof Plaza to experience it in the day or at night.

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