Next Generation Abu Dhabi program by Abu Dhabi Youth Council

The Abu Dhabi Government Academy affiliated to the Governmental Support Department launched, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Youth Council of the Federal Youth Foundation, the first programs for “Next Generation Abu Dhabi”, in cooperation with the global e-learning platform “Udasti” as part of the “Youth Skills Platform” project, which was launched last April, it aims to build the skills and technical science required for Abu Dhabi youth in the digital world.

The first programs of “Next Generation Abu Dhabi”

The Next Generation Abu Dhabi Program, through the Yodacity platform, provides Nanodegree certificates that offer the latest technical content in the technology world, providing the participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skill in the promising future disciplines.

The content includes accredited courses, the duration of which is less than 12 months, with the participation of more than 270 learners, who were chosen in the first batch within the field of business analysis, and that came after they passed a rigorous evaluation phase that included 2000 participants, and the first batch started today the learning journey, which It extends over 4 months.

Next Generation Abu Dhabi goals

The primary goal of the program is to develop the technical skills of Emirati youth residing in Abu Dhabi and who wish to make progress, within the same field, through the acquisition and empowerment of youth and future generation in Abu Dhabi, basic skills related to the future economy.

The “Next Generation Abu Dhabi Program” was developed in partnership with more than 200 experts in the technology sector from the most prominent international companies, including Google – google – Facebook – Amazon – and others, and it will provide an opportunity for practical learning by working on real projects that he evaluates. Personally, experts from global online platforms such as Udacity and Coursera.

The program targets all young Emiratis residing in Abu Dhabi, who are between the ages of 18 to 35 years and without previous experience in the same field.

New educational programs

Alia Abdullah Al Mazrouei, Acting Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Governmental Academy, said, “We are continuing in the academy to introduce our new educational programs and the youth generation in Abu Dhabi will be the first to benefit from our cooperation with the Udacity City in the courses of business analysis and digital marketing.”

“These practical courses focus on basic and practical skills, and they are distinguished by the fact that they are already inspired by many digital transformation projects that are being implemented in a number of emerging sectors.”

She pointed out that it was designed with the aim of developing the skills of young people, in a way that guarantees their readiness for many challenges that may face them in the future labour market, knowing that the degrees of “nano” degrees will be an essential part of our educational programs, and we are confident that it will make a real difference in the emirate’s economy in the future.

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