10,000 people sign up for Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial

More than 10,000 people have volunteered to enroll in Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial of Abu Dhabi for a vaccine against COVID-19. Volunteers represent 20 different nationalities involved in a 42-day trial, said Abu Dhabi Health Department.

Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi, the acting undersecretary of the Department, said that a sufficient number of patients “would help to show that the studies have a good chance of success and illustrate the effectiveness of Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial across a wide variety of populations.”

Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are home to the world’s first Phase III World Health Organization-listed trial, which is the final step before Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial is approved for public use.

Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial

Vaccine tests

The vaccine being tested in Abu Dhabi is ‘inactivated.’ This is one form of a vaccine intended to shield patients from the disease that uses a “destroy” variant of the virus that causes the disease.

Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial typically evaluates the efficacy of a drug in a large population sample, and scientists hope that it will help to identify specific antibodies that provide immunity. More than 20 vaccines are in worldwide clinical trials, while another 140 are in worldwide early production against the disease. There are only three in Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial.

Volunteers will also admit for the UAE court, which takes place at five sites in the capital and Al Ain. Approximately 5,000 people will be interested in the research at first, the health department added.

“The initiative will not only help counter COVID-19 but also provide a highly efficient way to assess the impact of the vaccine,” said Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Member of the COVID-19 National Clinical Committee and Chief Medical Officer of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City.

UAE/China cooperation

The UAE trial is a collaboration between Chinese vaccine maker Sinopharm, Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence company 42, and Abu Dhabi Health Services Group, Seha.

The Abu Dhabi Health Department will be monitoring this. In compliance with the recommendations set out by the World Health Organization. And also the United States Food and Drug Administration.

“The team of specialized medical practitioners from Seha … Manage and participate in the conduct of Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial. All trials will be in centers that are ready to accommodate volunteers. Including citizens, residents of all nationalities and both sexes, “said Dr. Al Kaabi.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials have taken place in China.

Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial Promising start

Up to 15,000 volunteers must be in good health and between the ages of 18 and 60. Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, president of the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Education. He was also the first volunteer to earn the Jab.

Hamad Al Balushi, an Emirati who is taking part in the experiment and one of the first to obtain Phase 3 of Abu Dhabi vaccine trial. He hopes that the research will help both the UAE and the global community. According to a statement by the health department on Friday.

Another volunteer from Oman spoke of his pride in being one of the first volunteers. “In this historic court and asking all my brothers and sisters to join me.”

Volunteers must visit the test centers at least 17 times over 42 days.

They can’t fly abroad during this period. After the jury, routine telephone meetings will be on hold for up to six months.

People should register on the government website at 4humanity.ae or call 02 819 1111.

Source: thenational
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