Qalby Etmaan is a social experience program

Ghaith Al-Emirati, the presenter of the program “qalby etmaan”, reassured in Ramadan 2020. The qalby etmaan program reassured, has been a great success since it was first introduced on May 13, 2018, where it has high viewership and noticeable interaction on social media.

qalby etmaan famous program

The program presents realistic social situations that a young man from the United Arab Emirates called “Ghaith” works to help them in different countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Uganda, and others, and the program’s sponsors intend to make the “Ghaith” character anonymous, in order to focus primarily on doing good and not on the person He is doing the job, so Season 2 has seen a change in Ghaith’s clothes, with the aim of reducing the chances of him getting to know the audience.

The presenter said, “qalby etmaan” that “Ghaith” is not a true personal name whose goal is fame. The goal of the name was “to put the message of giving in a bag full of happiness and hope to try to approach those in need in many countries of the world.”

It is mentioned that “qalby etmaan is reassured”, it is a Ramadan program that appeared to us this year. It is aiming to delight people and meet their needs on the grounds that “people for people and the world are still fine”. He caused a great commotion over the social media until some of his episodes met through the program’s channel. It brought a million views on the YouTube channel.

What is the reason for his fame Ghaith?

Activists circulated a picture that said to be the true face of Ghaith. It took a while filming some program’s episodes in Jordan, but tweets questioned its authenticity. It announced that it does not matter his true face, but his real actions are the standard.

The qalby etmaan program presents 30 humanitarian cases in Ramadan every year. There were 3 seasons of it until Ramadan 2020 came with its gorgeous season. There was a short season “the Extra Season”, which include 8 episodes that show in November 2019.

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