Sharjah Research Park tackles Corona by providing masks and modern agriculture

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Complex in Sharjah, stressed that the complex is part of the state’s strategy to activate the innovation system in it through its various educational, innovative, governmental and private institutions, pointing out that the complex supports the state’s efforts in addressing the Corona pandemic with its major agricultural project related to food security within a project An integrated sustainable agricultural research on the land of the complex through harnessing technology for agricultural production and ensuring food security through the design of internal farms with an area of ​​150 square meters to produce a ton of organic vegetables and fruits per month, with vertical farming techniques without soil.

Sharjah Research Park tackles Corona by providing masks and modern agriculture

He explained that this is done through the Sharjah Research center for agriculture in the complex, which cost approximately 10 million dirhams, and the companies that work in it, and that ‘Emensa Technology Labs, through its partnership with the complex, succeeded in intensifying the production of face masks to exceed 25,000 protective masks per week in its workshops and its production lines have reached many institutions in the public and private sectors throughout the country.

He stated that the building, whose facilities cost 500 million dirhams, is near the university city, which includes more than 22 universities in one place where more than 47 thousand students from 100 nationalities study.

The Sharjah Research Center main 4 goals

Al-Mahmoudi said: The complex aims at 4 strategic things:

  1. Building an integrated environment to support innovation.
  2. Using that environment to build job opportunities for young people in innovation.
  3. Benefiting from modern technologies and activating the concept of transferring knowledge and modern technologies to the state and investing in these modern technologies.
  4. Create business and economic entities that mimic developments in technology and innovation.

Modern industries

He pointed out that the complex has different activities to achieve these goals, including attracting modern technologies and industries that support the state’s direction, such as food security, which is an important topic for all countries of the world and is an important topic for us, and we have an insight from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God bless him. Pursue him, who defied the desert and turned it into a garden full of agriculture, so construction was based on what he founded, so horizontal, circular, and fish farming techniques developed.

Today, the agricultural technology sector has become one of the most important sectors at the state level, and among the first projects of the complex is agricultural technology, so the first development research center was established In the field of agriculture in cooperation with a local company that has extensive relationships with international companies, with the aim of developing technologies for horizontal and water agriculture in the region, whether with solar energy technologies and using them for agriculture or water technologies through desalination or techniques for developing seeds and technologies for the lights that they need.

Indicating that the company that cooperates with the center has produced agricultural materials commercially, as it supplies to most restaurants, in addition to supplying them to the university, and that all of their production is sold locally.

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