Sultan Al-Jaber: The world is going through an unprecedented stage

Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, Minister of State and Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). He said that the world is currently going through an unprecedented stage that does not allow accurate expectations about the recovery of the global economy. Although, there are indications of cautious optimism in energy markets due to the pandemic of the emerging Coronavirus.

The ADNOC Virtual Council

Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber added during the ADNOC Virtual Council, which was broadcast on Saudi Medad News channel. The oil markets are in a period of instability during the past weeks. It indicated the improvement and will regain their balance over time. There are indicators of improvement in recent weeks and are moving towards restoring balance And among these indicators. In addition, he explained that it will pass some time before the vision becomes clear and that with the return of the economy wheel to the rotation, there will be an increase in the volume of demand.

Special thanks to the UAE leaders

Sultan Al-Jaber explained that thanks to the efforts and follow-up of political leadership. We are confident that we will get out of this stage and we are stronger and more able to deal with the future. As well as, he stressed that the health and safety of human cadres remain at the top of our priorities. We also focus on dealing proactively to reduce Risks and fighting the spread of the emerging coronavirus.

UAE precautionary efforts against coronavirus

This approach is in line with the distinguished national efforts and the precautionary measures and measures put in place by the rational leadership to ensure the health and safety of society in the Emirates. As well as, he praised the great efforts undertaken by the Emirati diplomacy on the global stage in this field.

The UAE made a great proactive effort in its response to the current conditions. It is also one of the highest rates in the world as a proportion to the population.

Sultan Al Jaber pointed out that, in line with the principle of building bridges of cooperation with the international community, the UAE, through its diplomatic diplomas. Through, its provision of medical assistance and personal protection equipment to more than 47 countries around the world. This pandemic highlighted the importance of having three leadership qualities. In addition, the companies have executive departments that include resilience, crisis management, and communication with work teams.

Sultan Al-Jaber speech

Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber concluded his speech in the council by emphasizing the importance of companies’ executive departments delivering positive, optimistic and transparent messages that motivate the way forward, saying:

> It is necessary to deliver messages calling for unity and solidarity, and that together we will pass this exceptional circumstance and will emerge from it in a stronger and better condition.

> We continue to work to conserve our resources and enhance profitability to the maximum extent possible.”

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