Switzerland projects UAE flag on Matterhorn in solidarity display

Switzerland is making a big show of their friendship with the United Arab Emirates. On Friday they projected the UAE flag on the side of the Matterhorn mountain. It was quite a spectacle to behold.

Solidarity in difficult times

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shut down our way of life. Consequently, staying inside your home is the new normal. As a result, many businesses have closed their doors for the foreseeable future. Similarly, public spaces are off-limits. Above all, solidarity is more important than ever in these difficult times.

Projecting the UAE flag on the Matterhorn is a great sign of friendship from Switzerland. The mountain lit up in the nation’s colours. A projection of the UAE flag over 1000 meters tall. The people of Switzerland sending their hope and strength to the UAE.

The Friday night Matterhorn projection is a brilliant example of solidarity among nations. The tourism office in Zermatt had the clever idea to project the flag. Moreover, they have projected the flags of various countries, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, and others.

How did the UAE respond to Switzerland?

The United Arab Emirates government responded to the kind gesture from Switzerland. As a result, several famous landmarks in Abu Dhabi lit up on Sunday night. During which, the Swiss flag displayed as a shining beacon of hope to thousands of people. The Burj Khalifa, Emirates Palace, Sheikh Zayed Bridge and more took part in the illumination.

How has Switzerland been affected by Coronavirus?

Switzerland is experiencing a large number of Coronavirus infections. However, the number of daily cases has decreased over the last week period. There’s currently nearly 30,000 infected in Switzerland. In addition, over 18,000 people have recovered. However, over 1,400 people have died.

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