The Emirates have sent medical supplies to South Africa

An aid plane carrying medical supplies flew to South Africa on April 20th. The United Arab Emirates have sent these supplies to help fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. The people of South Africa will certainly see great benefits from this.

The UAE shows kindness in the face of adversity.

The plane contains 7 tons of critical medical equipment. Most importantly, this will help over 7,000 medical professionals. Above all, the country is now more able to deal with the Coronavirus.

The UAE is able to help due to many years of investment into the world’s best medical infrastructure. Thanks to the generosity of the UAE many more people will survive through this dark time. This continues the UAE mission of solidarity and cooperation with the people of South Africa.

Meanwhile, the UAE will be providing medical supplies to many more countries over the coming weeks. Supplies have already gone out to Pakistan, Somalia, Italy and many more friendly nations. The UAE has more medical supplies than they need and will share them with others as long as is necessary. Furthermore, this shows the UAE’s dedication to humanitarian initiatives.

How has Coronavirus affected South Africa?

South Africa is in the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak in their country. There’s currently around 3,500 confirmed cases of the virus. 58 people have sadly lost their lives to Coronavirus.

South Africa is especially at risk if the virus begins to spread rapidly. The country does not have the resources to deal with a full-blown pandemic situation. Many thousands of people will die if the virus starts to spread across the country. Critical medical supplies are especially important in this situation.

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