The Emirates Red Crescent Sent Medical team to Yemen

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has sent a medical team to deal with the outbreak of diphtheria among kids in a number of the villages in the Yemeni governorate Lahij.

The UAE is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Yemen after Saudi Arabia, according to an international report, visit below link for further info,

The medical team delivered sizable amounts of medications to the governorate’s public hospital and learned from the medical staffs about the status of the disease and other illnesses, including cholera and the dengue fever.

The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has also delivered food assistance to the people of Al-Khokha city in Hodeidah Governorate as part of the UAE’s commitment to stand by needy and impoverished Yemenis in the eight governorates liberated so far on the Red Sea coast.

The Yemeni local authorities and people hailed the UAE’s continued support to their liberated areas through the country’s primary humanitarian arm, ERC, and its rapid response to the call for help sent by the Lahij Health Office.

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