The Emirates sent a message of hope and support to Lebanon after Travel ban lifted

UAE Foreign Affairs Ministry and International Cooperation has lifted the ban on Emirati citizens travelling to Lebanon, with effect from Wednesday.

Khalid Balhoul, the Ministry’s Undersecretary, said the decision came following an extensive follow up by the Ministry to the border security and after obtaining related guarantees from the Lebanese Government.

“The decision to lift the travel ban emanates from the keenness to strengthen UAE’s fraternal relations with the Lebanese Republic,” he added.

The United Arab Emirates has promised investments and financial support for Lebanon to boost the country’s flagging economy

Fouad Zmokhol, president of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World, told “The Emirates sent a message of hope and support to Lebanon at the right moment, which is very important to create a climate of trust.” It will also lead first to the return of UAE tourists, and second to the return of UAE investments, which will cause an increase in tourist spending.”

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