The UAE sent to Serbia over 11 tons of medical supplies

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is initiating an emergency medical supply delivery program that aims to deliver 11 tons of key medical supplies to Serbia.

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus is currently devastating countries worldwide. Medical supplies are running out and hospitals are operating well past capacity.

The UAE has decades of investment in emergency infrastructure and medical equipment. As a result of these investments, the UAE has been able to remain the safest place in the world during the outbreak.

Officials within the UAE have gone on record to state that we must unite as a global force in order to beat this infection. Sharing medical supplies with countries that are in dire need is only part of this unified global effort.

The state of Coronavirus in Serbia

Serbia has been struggling to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus. President Aleksander Vucic has called for help from his allies. The EU has restricted the export of essential medical equipment in the midst of the pandemic.

The medical supplies offered by the UAE will provide critical help for the country.

State of emergency in Serbia

As the grip of the viral epidemic tightens upon the nation, the Serbian government made the executive decision to declare a state of emergency.

All foreign nationals are being banned from entering the country. Exceptions for diplomats, those holding valid residence visas and citizens of China are in place.

Vucic has been vocal in asking for aid from the Chinese during the outbreak.

Self-isolation for travellers

Anyone entering the country will be required to self isolate for a period of at least 14 days. Anyone caught flouting these restrictions face severe consequences with prison sentences of up to three years.

Italian, Swiss, Iranian, Romanian, Spanish, German, French, Austrian, Slovenian and Greek citizens with permission to enter are facing stricter quarantine rules, extending their self-isolation period to 28 days.

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