The Story of Samira Cooper: a bridge between Italy and the Emirates

Simona Briggiotta, better known as Samira Cooper is a blogger, businesswoman, and mom. Italian from Sicily, a region in Italy with a historical connection with Middle-East and Arabs, she graduated in Business and Marketing in Italy and moved to Dubai in 2012, looking forward to working in the financial and banking sector.

After Samira Cooper had triplets with special needs, she couldn’t cope with the rhythms of the financial sector and decided to pursue a new career as a blogger.

She wanted to do something new, not a fashion blog nor a travel blog. She then came up with the idea of an event blog, something relatively new at that time. A blog where she was promoting, participating, and reviewing events in the UAE. Not long after, she was asked to organize a fashion show and quickly became an event planner and organizer.

In the Emirates, Samira Cooper got a license for organizing events in 24 hours. Her blog  is now a reference for events in Dubai.

Samira Cooper promoted activities and brands for many Italian companies in the sector of Fashion and Food&Beverage, organizing events for them.  She collaborated with famous brands like Cavalli and Balestra and organized events for the Italian Embassy, the Italian Consulate and the Italian Armed forces in the UAE. Furthermore, she gave visibility to emerging Italian bands and singers in the Emirates, organizing concerts and events for them.

Her story was portrayed in the first season of the Hi Emirates TV – Web/In-flight Series, Hi Dubai broadcasted on Dubai One Channel ( where she was also the official blogger. She continued working as the official blogger in the second season of the series, Hi Emirates.

During the Special Olympics Games of Abu Dhabi 2019, she had the honor, together with the producer of the series, to meet in person his highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed who expressed appreciation for their work. She was particularly impressed by the humbleness of the Sheikh who kneeled in front of a boy in a wheelchair.

Her opinion about Dubai is very positive: a modern and safe smart-city where several nationalities live and work without clashes. A place to make a business without complications and tax burdens. She also believes that the mentality of the UAE rulers is focused on being on the forefront in technology and infrastructure and that this approach will guarantee the leadership of the country for the years to come.

Blogger, businesswoman, and mom, the successful story of Simona is inspirational for many in the UAE, a country whose expat population is around 80% of the total.

She eventually succeeded in connecting Sicily and Italy again with the Arabs.

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