Dr. Munir Mahmoud praises the Yousef Al Otaiba Article

Dr. Munir Mahmoud, a researcher in Israeli affairs and director of the Al-Afaq Center for Research, praised the article of Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to the United States of America, stressing that it is a step in the right way to confront the Israeli media tool and provide a correct message to the Israeli interior in favour of the Palestinian cause and to counter the actions of the Israeli government.

What is behind the controversial Yousef Al Otaiba article?

He explained that the Jewish lobby controls the media and sends false messages to the Western and European world, while we address ourselves, stressing that the conflict now differs from the past, so the conflict is no longer an armed conflict, but there are other methods of confrontation, one of which is the media.

He added that the UAE Foreign Ministry’s welcome to the article confirms the extent of awareness of the nature of the stage in the ways in which progress can be made on the ground in the interest of the Palestinian cause and development in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Stressing that the conflict has now become a cultural and intellectual struggle and must enter into that confrontation and open conflict, stressing that this is what Yousef Al Otaiba did by trying to send a message to the Israeli interior through contact with the Israeli people and delivering messages addressed to Israeli thought and society to gain supporters from within Israel to establish a Palestinian state.

The Yousef Al Otaiba Article and confirms the conflict “changed”

Stressing that the last period we are only working to talk to ourselves regarding the Palestinian issue at a time when we need to speak with the Israelis, stressing that the Yousef Al Otaiba message, if it can affect only 10% of the Israelis, will be a powerful tool against Israeli governments, and the message may be able to Change some internal ideas and policies, stressing the need to enter this stadium.

He pointed out that opening channels to influence part of the Israeli public opinion in favor of the Arabs is required at the present time, and the resulting effect with those who listen to us will be in our interests directly and will, of course, be in the interest of the Palestinian cause and prevent the annexation of more Palestinian lands.

Regarding the attack on the Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE ambassador’s article, the Director of the Horizons Center affirmed that there is a group of followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is affiliated with countries such as Qatar and others, that are working to attack and bid on the position of the UAE without an understanding or awareness of the message and the nature of the conflict currently taking place.

Stressing that trading in the Palestinian cause and religion is the way for these people to try to control the minds of Arabs and obtain their sympathy in order to reach other goals.
The “researcher in Israeli affairs” explained that it is necessary for us to have departments of the current conflict in order to address the Israeli ambitions that use new methods of conflict.

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