Three candidates withdraw from NEC elections

Three candidates in the Federal National Council (FNC) elections have withdrawn, the National Election Committee (NEC) on Wednesday announced.

Two candidates in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi have sent withdrawal requests to the NEC.

However, the deadline for receiving appeals against FNC election candidates passed and a deadline for candidate withdrawal set for September 15.

The final list of candidates will be released on September 3 and the names of the candidate representatives will be presented on September 4.

Candidates will then launch their election campaigns on September 8. Election campaigns will run for 27 days until October 4 and main main Election will held on October 5.

From September 22-23rd, Emiratis living overseas can cast their ballots. Early polling booths will open from October 1-3.

A new Federal National Council will be announced on October 13, unless appeals are filed.

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