UAE and Botswana Details beyond the screen

UAE sends medical aid to Botswana to further its efforts to combat the spread of “Covid-19”. The aid plane containing 5 tons of medical supplies to Botswana. In order to support it in limiting the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19). More than 5,000 health care workers will benefit from it Their efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

UAE and Botswana one hand against corona

His Excellency, Mohsheid Saeed Al Hamili, the country’s ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, a non-resident ambassador to the Republic of Botswana said:

The provision of aid today confirms the continued participation of the UAE effectively in international efforts. In order to combat Covid-19 and comes within the framework of strengthening the medical capabilities of a large number of friendly countries such as Botswana.

His Excellency added that, the aid sent to Botswana will enhance the capabilities of health care workers in Botswana. It will also enable them to perform their tasks in limiting the spread of the virus.

The UAE has provided more than 353 tons of aid to more than 35 countries. It became about 353,000 medical professionals have benefited.

How did coronavirus affect Botswana?

The country is currently undergoing a 28-day closure process, and members of Parliament decided to extend it before they placed in quarantine.

President Mukjutsi Masisi issued an order pardoning 149 prisoners in an effort to ease prison overcrowding and prevent the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

The released detainees will be tested for safety and freedom from the coronavirus before returning to their families.

Of the released, twenty are foreigners, and immigration authorities will prepare their documents to allow them to return home.

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