UAE Astronaut’s Return to the Homeland

Hazza Al Mansoorireceive hero welcome, Sheikh Mohamed gave Al Mansoori a neatly folded UAE flag as a gift as Al Fursan.

Sheikh Mohamed congratulated Al Mansoori on his successful return, commending his strong will and high spirits across the entire stages of the historic mission, which, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, said “showed the true metal of the Emirati people and their determination to contribute to the advancement of humanity at large, also “You both are role models for the type of youth we are betting on in our steady march on the path of progress. You’re a model to be emulated by those Arab young people sincerely working for the advancement of their nations,” Sheikh Mohamed addressed the two astronauts. “When the UAE launched its space programme, our determination was, and still, to carry it out by Emirati hands and minds. And therefore I have been determinedly working for grooming qualified national cadres willing and ready to explore the space and get well-versed with its sciences, being an integral part of our drive toward achieving sustainable development and building a knowledge-based economy,” he added.

“The UAE, since the era of the nation’s Founder late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has always been considering its people as its true wealth. Our investment in our most cherished assets are the ideal investment for our present and future,” he said, noting that Hazza Al Mansoori and Sultan Al Neyadi, along with their colleagues at the National Space Programme, have laid down a solid basis for the nation’s space ambition to reach Mars.

He urged the astronauts to spare no effort over the coming period to achieve the UAE’ space ambition, expressing confidence in their capabilities to deliver the future, survive all besetting challenges and continue to be a source of inspiration for Emirati youth.

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