Abu Dhabi Stem Cells launches bone marrow transplantation

On Monday, the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center successfully launched bone marrow transplants in the UAE through the Abu Dhabi bone marrow transplantation program “AD-BMT”, which is usually used to treat patients suffering from blood diseases and tumors.

UAE first bone marrow transplantation

The first operation was performed on a patient with multiple myeloma, a type of leukemia.

The fruit of this success came through cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and it is a progress for cancer patients, where they can now receive treatment within the Emirates, and reduce their suffering in traveling abroad to obtain cellular therapy and regenerative medicine for the treatment of cancer, which is the third cause of death In the Emirates.

Bone marrow transplantation, or hematopoietic stem cells, are one of the most stem cell-based treatments for cancer patients, especially blood tumors.

Bone marrow transplantation Operation

The unique AD-BMT therapeutic procedure developed by Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, ADSCC includes extracting stem cells from the patient’s blood, which then undergoes a high dose of chemotherapy to eliminate all cancerous cells and most of the bone marrow, then the extracted stem cells are then pumped to The bloodstream, where destroyed cells return and for two weeks resume the production of healthy, non-malignant blood cells.

Dr. Yendry Ventura, general manager of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, director of the bone marrow transplantation program, said:

– The patient basically does not have an immune system while waiting for the transferred cells to enter into force

– He must remain in isolation according to the most stringent guidelines for infection control and in the midst of a pandemic.

– We took additional precautions to ensure the best possible results for all concerned.

The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center announced earlier last month the results of its innovative and promising treatment experience for COVID-19 patients, which it called “UAECell19“, and which proved its effectiveness and safety, as it was able to obtain 3 rights of intellectual property protection, This paves the way for widespread treatment.

Source: WAM
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