The UAE recovers and closes Corona’s field hospitals

Happy news that we communicate on a daily basis, after announcing the closure of field hospitals, and organizing a party to bid farewell to the last group of patients, in moments of victory and pride over this virus, and other news titled Free of government and private field hospitals from the Coronavirus, for the UAE to gradually recover from this virus, after managing a file COVID-19 with efficiency and perfection.

Mohamed bin Zayed: Zero deaths are a promising result of the dedication of specialists and the commitment of society

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, praised the medical staff for their commitment and efforts in fighting the Coronavirus.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said in a tweet through his official account on “Twitter”:

“With the grace and success of God, then with the efforts of the first line of defence and their dedication and the responsible commitment of our community members, we announce that no deaths were recorded due to (COVID-19) in the UAE within the last 24 hours … this is a promising result for all of us.”

UAE field hospitals are free off COVID-19 patients

The state was able to close more than 4 field hospitals and to announce that more than 35 government and private field hospitals were empty of COVID-19 patients, to win the virus, and the health activity would gradually return to hospitals and open outpatient clinics and operating rooms, though, precautionary measures were necessary For the current stage, and a commitment to follow the advice of health authorities.

Dr. Suhail Al-Roken, Consultant Neurologist, President of the Emirates Medical Society for Neurology, confirmed that we are living in the Emirates’s recovery phase of the Coronavirus, by closing a number of field hospitals in light of the decline in the number of infections, and announcing that a number of government and private hospitals are free of Corona patients, And the gradual return of health activity in all hospitals in the state, due to several reasons.

It is the government’s taking in an early stage of the spread of the epidemic precautions and procedures for physical separation and isolation of some areas densely populated with employment, and this is what we observed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and checks were made for all residents, reducing The spread of the epidemic, and the initiative of the federal and local governments to legislate to close cafes, shopping malls and mosques.

It contributed to controlling the virus, and the isolation centres are a key ingredient in limiting the spread of the virus, and the distinctive media role in educating society about the importance of spacing and following precautionary measures, and the state was able to reassure Citizens and residents of the stable state of health, and that the epidemic from the beginning is under control by clearly communicating the facts.

He said: The reception of critical medical cases was continuous, and the return of hospitals currently as before and following the precautionary procedures gave reassurance to the patients, and we advise the community to continue to follow the precautionary measures, by wearing masks and avoiding gatherings and physical divergence, and if the person feels symptoms of symptom 19, he should go to the examination centres and avoid contact with others until Results appear.

SEHA Field hospitals

The operational executive director of Emirates Field Hospital, Dr. Mubarak Al Darmaki, confirmed that the field hospital in “Dubai Parks and Resorts” was established within three weeks in three field hospitals that SEHA established in last April, as a precaution and in preparation for the increasing number of patients. Since receiving the first COVID-19 cases on April 24, the field hospital, with a capacity of 1,200 beds, has served more than 2,300 COVID-19 patients, according to the remedial procedures established by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the Dubai Health Authority.

The United Arab Emirates is recovering

Dr. Ashraf Al-Hofy, intensive care consultant and head of the infection control office, confirmed that the recent indications prove that the UAE is recovering from the COVID-19 virus and that the closure of field hospitals and the gradual return of health activity in government and private hospitals is evidence of the decline in numbers, thanks to the efforts made and what Still, we are witnessing a significant expansion in the number of tests at the state level, what positive cases are detected and isolated, limiting the spread of the virus, the commitment of the general community to precautionary measures to address the epidemic, whether by wearing masks and physical divergence, and the state’s decision to close a number of services for a temporary period to prevent the spread the virus.

Well allocation of patients in the field hospitals

The allocation of places to isolate patients who have no symptoms and their condition is stable, with the increase in the number of infections in the past period, hospital beds will not be sufficient for all patients, as isolation buildings absorbed stable cases, in addition to that, all field hospitals were keen to increase the number of beds in intensive care, It expanded in a number of departments, which contributed to providing the best patient care.

He said: Despite the recovery, however, the continuation of precautionary measures is a duty for everyone, to break the chain of infection, to confirm the final image of the virus, and to eliminate it completely, and in effect, government hospitals began receiving patients in outpatient clinics and departments with specific controls and mechanisms to organize the work.

Source: saudigazette
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